Impress your clients and maintain your competitive advantage with video marketing


In today’s Residential and Commercial Real Estate business maintaining your competitive edge requires the use of cutting edge video marketing.

Your clients will engage in a virtual tour of the home or commercial property. All the interior and exterior video and photos are taken with professional camera equipment and processed by professional editors. Graphics and audio narration’s are also available. We offer video marketing packages for all levels of properties, no longer just the five digit homes.



One of the most overlooked views in today’s marketing is the Aerial View. In decades past a plane or a helicopter was the only and expensive solution. Now with high-tech drone videography and photography at your fingertips you can finally add that missing marketing piece to your website, hard copy layout, marketing campaign or just about any other visual communications technology effort you have in mind.

First and foremost, IVID Technologies Pilots possess an FAA sUAS certificate and insurance. (Hiring an unlicensed pilot can result in thousands of dollars in fines to the pilot and the loss of your aerial video footage.)

  • Preflight air space investigation and evaluationDJI_0003
  • Drone flight over FAA approved air space only
  • HD Videography & 12 Megapixel Photography
  • Ground Crew & Visual Observers, if required



It is easy, it is affordable and it is here now!

Just send one of our custom-edited video tours out through your email or social media marketing campaigns allowing prospects to see your property listings in a whole new way.  Provide your clients looking for a home with a time effective pre-tour of the home of their choice before setting that final appointment.

It is easy, it is affordable and it is here now!

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