IVID Technologies  brings affordable and exceptional aerial videography to Mohave and La Paz counties! IVID, based in Lake Havasu City, AZ, offers a new way to feature your business products and services for Real Estate as well as Local Businesses and also shifts the way you look at Construction Projects, Draw Inspections and Search and Rescue (to name a few) through high tech videography and cutting edge editing techniques. IVID will also juice up your video with sensational photographs and informational sound bites.

Before current technology was born, marketing was often presumed to be as simple as talking about your business face to face with the people within your reach thereby inspiring them to buy what you have to offer and “Tada!” new or repeat business would begin to grow at your feet like lush green grass. Even to this day many business owners fail within the first year because they are so certain if they open people will come.

Savvy business people like you know the reality is that in today’s high speed internet world with competition stretching far and wide, consumers rarely pop in to a business to check it out or land on a webpage and stay long enough to make a purchase unless the message grabs their attention like fireworks on the 4th of July!

So, how do you get America’s attention? Check this out:

IVID uses newly introduced tools and techniques like drone videography and photography to bring the fireworks to your website and advertising. The IVID team takes the time to understand your business, accentuate the features and benefits of your product or service through audio narration and attention-grabbing sound tracks and elevates your marketing strategy to a higher level. Fireworks!

Call IVID today to change up your marketing strategies and create a whole new look for your business!